The Fold Family Ministries - resident with lamb

The Fold provides a nurturing home environment for at-risk youth between the ages of 13 and 17. We offer 24-hour support including individualized counseling, academic curriculum, and spiritual mentoring. Our academic program is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools, providing students the opportunity to continue their studies and even earn a high school diploma. Our holistic services include education, mentoring, and life-skill support for the teens in our care as well as training and support for their parents. Our hope is that the entire family grows and heals during the family's time at The Fold.

This is a proven approach that has transformed hundreds of lives over the past five decades.

Hundreds of at-risk teens have turned their lives in a new direction. Distraught parents have been encouraged, and fractured families have been reconciled. Many parents have found The Fold to be the answer to their prayers. Through God's love and grace, young people have found hope and healing, and gone on to successful careers, marriages, families, and lives within our communities. Parents who have formerly felt unequipped as role models have learned skills to help them become effective leaders in their homes


Our mission at The Fold is to help families find hope and healing in Christ. We believe that God's word is true and transforming and that the lives of those we serve will take on new meaning as they begin to understand their God-given value.

The Fold is not a program that proposes behavior modification as the solution. Instead, we believe that only God can transform our children's lives, our marriages, and our families into the beautiful creations He designed them to be.


How We're Different

  • Support for the Entire Family:
    We support parents through seminars, family counseling, and frequent communication about their teen’s progress in the program. We work closely with parents over home-visits as the teen reintegrates.

  • Year-Round Schedule:
    We have a rolling admission policy. Teens can enter the program at various times throughout the year.

  • Expert Staff:
    Our team members have extensive training in mentoring, leadership, and social services in addition to certification in Crisis Prevention and Intervention. In the homes, our staff to student ratio is 1:2. In the school, our staff to student ratio is 1:5.

  • Accredited High School Program:
    Our academic program is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools, providing students the opportunity to continue their studies and even earn a high school diploma. The program at Cornerstone Christian School is individualized for each student, based on the entrance evaluation and continuing assessments until their graduation date. Most students live at The Fold between 12 and 21 months.

  • Exceptional Value:
    We believe our comprehensive program offers an outstanding value at a very reasonable cost. For those families who cannot afford the full tuition, we offer generous scholarship aid provided by our donors and alumni.

Who Should Apply?

  • Teens who are 13-17 years old

  • Those who have made repeatedly made poor choices when faced with peer pressure

  • Young people having difficulty expressing their emotions in a healthy way

  • Students with little or no respect for authority

  • Teens who have experienced some form of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in the past

  • Those who have difficulty performing well in school due to behavioral issues or learning disabilities

  • Teens who have received diagnoses of various kinds and been prescribed behavior medication

  • Teens who experience struggles with pornography and promiscuity.

  • Students who have experimented with drugs & alcohol but are not chemically dependent

  • Young people who struggle with self-harm

  • Those coming from homes struggling with divorce, death, a parent in jail, or other traumatic events

  • Teens who are on probation or have been in other treatment programs

  • Teens who have some level of understanding that they need help. The Fold is a voluntary program and teens will ultimately need to agree to the process.

  • If you are unsure of your teens willingness we encourage you to call and speak with us directly. But just so you know, many students, upon visiting The Fold and having the hope of a "fresh start" get excited about coming." The Fold is an opportunity for you and your teen to start over.


Behaviors and characteristics in young people that we are NOT equipped to deal with:

  • Teens who are currently in state custody (including teens adjudicated as “sex offenders”)

  • Actively suicidal, needing a 24-hour suicide watch

  • Chemically dependent upon drugs or alcohol to the extent that ceasing these drugs will cause medical problems

    • Students can participate in a 30 day detox before entering The Fold’s program

  • Expressed consistent and extreme physical aggression toward peers or others

  • Girls who are pregnant

  • Individuals requiring extensive medical care due to serious medical conditions

  • Teens whose behavior requires a 24-hour lock down facility

  • Students who cannot speak fluent English

  • Teens not desiring help or recognizing a need to change


The monthly cost for each student at The Fold encompasses all expenses and services, including counseling, residential care, academic classes and supplies, and room and board. Our education program also incorporates field trips, recreational opportunities, and life skills training. For those families with a proven financial need, we offer generous scholarships, made possible through the support of our donors and alumni.

Life Skills

While students participate in The Fold’s program we seek to equip them for skills they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.

Teens in our program learn skills such as:

  • Leadership

  • Personal and social emotional awareness

  • Life on life mentoring

  • Community Service

  • Managing personal finances

  • Self-Care (Exercise, nutrition, hygene)

  • Sewing and various crafts

  • Changing tires and oil

  • Cooking and baking

  • Wood working

  • Gardening

  • Laundry

  • Freezing and canning produce

  • First Aid

Residential Care

Residential care includes 24 hour care and supervision from House Parents and Resident Instructors. Each home is set up to look and function like a family. Our House Parents role-model caring authority and protection to our students. They provide safety through clear expectations, routine and structure, and grace and forgiveness.

Our Resident Instructors function as mentors and role-models for the teens, building relationships with them through daily activities and weekly discipleship sessions.

"Each day is a new day," we often say as we provide teens with safe opportunities to learn and grow.

Counseling & Discipleship

In weekly individualized sessions our teens meet with a mentor to work through the difficulties they’ve been experiencing in their families. As teens build rapport with our counselors, they are challenged to re-examine what they believe about themselves, God, life, and the future. Our staff encourage our students to consider a biblical worldview and how God’s truth and love for them can intersect with their journey toward healing. 

Academic Program

Our academic program is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools, providing students the opportunity to continue their studies and even earn a high school diploma. The program at Cornerstone Christian School is individualized for each student, based on the entrance evaluation and continuing assessments until their graduation date.

Family Involvement

Regardless of your family situation, we believe The Fold can help. We want to provide a safe place and a new beginning where parents know they are not alone. We have seen profound levels of growth and transformation in the families that we serve.

The Fold provides quarterly parent seminar weekends; individual, marital, and family counseling; and practical resources to help families on their journey toward hope and healing in Christ. We receive excellent feedback about the effectiveness of our seminars, training, and family sessions.

Intake Process

  1. The first step in our intake process is for a family to download and fill out the application. Please complete the application thoroughly and be sure you have completed all the steps. Your teen should fill out pages 7 and 8. Send the completed application and additional information by mail to:

    Program Coordinator
    c/o The Fold
    PO Box 1188, Lyndonville, VT 05851

  1. After receiving the application our Program Coordinator will contact you to setup an on-site interview.

  2. The family comes on-site for a day long interview process which includes touring our campuses and meeting with staff members to discern if The Fold is the right fit for your family. Before leaving the interview, Fold staff members will meet with the teen to let them know if they have been invited to participate in the program.

  3. If invited, the teen (and family) is given a few days to decide if they want to accept the invitation to participate in The Fold’s program. The teen is given a specific day to call our office with his or her decision. If the teen calls and says, "yes," an intake date is scheduled for the teen to start the program.