History of The Fold

Sometimes when you’ve made a lot of bad choices you feel like you’re defined by your past. Being at The Fold is like having a new beginning.
— Ayres, Student
The Fold Timeline Part 1

“Words can never express the gratitude we feel. There are no words to express how a parent feels with their child who was once broken is returned home whole. It is a gift beyond expression.”
—Maurice & Jean, Parents

“My life has gone from being a life full of lies and darkness to a life full of the love of Jesus Christ.”
—Kaitlyn, Student

“As parents, we had tried everything. There was not a stone left unturned. We were desperate for help! We had done years of counseling, lots of praying and involvement at church, we had made hard choices and shown tough love with consequences, nothing helped. While at The Fold, we started to see a joy and peace in our daughter that had never existed before.“
—Holly, Parent

“I’ve learned how to establish healthy boundaries. Every aspect of my life has changed. I went to Vermont angry with no love of myself. I left The Fold at peace with a great love of myself and God.”
—Kelly, Student

“I was so pleased that the emphasis of the teaching is grace-based! There is a depth of teaching but it doesn’t depart from the Gospel itself. All of us need to be reminded that we are loved, that the Lord desires good for us and has promised good to us. Parents going through dark days need hope. There is plenty of hope that is dispensed during the parent seminars."
—David, Parent

“I love working at The Fold because it is a community of believers committed to God’s best for families, staff, and students.”
—Holly Goodwin, Director of Programs

"A fitting way to sum up the ministry of The Fold over these past 50 years is to borrow an expression that Oswald Chambers used concerning the school where he taught for a time. Chambers said, 'The sole purpose for the existence of this institution is for God to help Himself to young lives!' Truly God has done just that at The Fold - and in the process affecting countless lives and giving all who would trust Him a 'hope and a future.' Our God is an Awesome God!
—Dr. Fred Tomaselli, President Emeritus

Timeline of The Fold Part 2
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