Casey's Story: The Blessing of Brokenness

"I was never satisfied," Casey said. "I struggled with self-abuse and suicidal tendencies. I was stubborn and proud and blind… terrified that no one could save me."

Casey came to a point where she knew she needed a change, a "heart change." That process began when she made the decision to enter The Fold. However, putting her trust in God and allowing him to change her life was not an easy task.

Over time, she learned that God never "flaked out," never ran away, and would never give up on her. "Christ had been standing there all along, reaching out, just waiting for me to notice Him," Casey said. "He took my hand, and led me through the hardest and most painful thing I have ever done—letting go of the person I thought I was and all that I thought I knew about myself."

Casey found her faith beginning to take anchor in Lamentations 3:19-24: "I'll never forget the trouble, the utter lostness, the taste of ashes… But there's one other thing I remember... God's loyal love couldn't have run out, His merciful love couldn't have dried up. ... I'm sticking with God. ... He's all I've got left." —The Message.

"I can now stop and think," she said, "even in my darkest moments, and remember that this is the reality of my life and who I am in Christ. I remember where I've been and what I’ve gone through, but now I never have to go there again!"

Throughout her stay at The Fold, Casey's heart opened to her family as well. She said they learned a lot about loving and supporting each other, how to "speak each other's language," what it means to truly love and stand by one another.

Casey is now back home living with her family and is planning to go to college this fall. She said she is not certain about what's next, but is approaching her future with confidence that God will lead her. She said Psalm 90:14-17 reminds her that He is in control and that he is the provider of all her joy and strength.

"In the words of a favorite artist of mine," Casey added, "'If I was unbroken, I'd never know the beauty of hope and how far grace would go."

The turnaround Casey experienced at The Fold is nothing new. It's happening every day to the parents and teens who come to The Fold with a willingness to change. Our ministry is fully equipped to deal with the struggles teens face today. Whether it's the emotional scars of abuse or self-harm, teens who struggle with addictive issues or anger, or teens who simply need someone to come alongside them and offer grace and acceptance, we are here for you.

The Fold's mission is to help bring healing to families in crisis. If your teen is in trouble, please call or email us for help. Our caring and attentive staff can help get you started with the intake process to determine if The Fold is the right fit for your child.

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