Staff Spotlight: Laura Chase, Teacher

What brought you to The Fold?

God had put it on my heart to leave the job I had and teach in ministry. I had no specifics other than that and had no idea how anything like that would come together. Through confirmation from other people, I gave notice at my job, wrestled with what I had just done, and then waited. This felt like a huge leap for me because I had never worked in ministry before and I didn’t know of any position at the time that fit what I’d felt God was showing me. About a week after giving notice, I was told that The Fold was hiring for a teaching position. After praying about it for a few days, I applied, and God opened doors from there.

Describe your passion for seeing Jesus restore the lives of teenagers and their families.

I love seeing Jesus move in unexpected ways and bring deeper revelation of His love to a teen’s broken heart.

What brings you the most joy in the day to day goings on at The Fold?

Seeing a student succeed, grow, and learn, both spiritually and academically. I also love the challenge of thinking outside of the box to meet academic needs on an individual basis.

What is a Scripture that has revolutionized the way you serve at The Fold?

In Him I live and move and have my being. Acts 17:28

Which biblical figure do you relate to the most?

While this isn’t a figure to admire, I find there have been many times in my life that I could relate to Gomer. I ran after my own way many times, even though God was there and just wanting me to trust Him. He hedged up my way (Hosea 2:6) many times out of His love for me, to make me realize how much He loves me and to call me His beloved (Romans 9:25).

What are the five items that you would bring for a year stranded on a deserted island?

  1. Bible
  2. Knife
  3. Toothbrush
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Wilson

What is a quirky or unique habit that you have?
Even when my bedroom is a disaster, my sock drawer is still organized.

Laura is one of many staff members who has come to The Fold to help teens only to find her own faith and character built upon. For more information about becoming a staff member, click here.

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