Staff Spotlight: Mike Grant, Director of Operations

What brought you to The Fold?
A very good friend of mine worked at The Fold in the maintenance position for many, many years. He left and I had been thinking that God had designed me to do something like this. A couple months later The Fold had offered me a position overseeing our buildings and grounds.

Describe your passion for seeing Jesus restore the lives of teenagers and their families.
One of the things that dawned on me while I was discovering my ministry here was that the Resident Instructors can’t do their job effectively unless they receive some help too, so the more I was able do for them, even if it’s changing their oil, or talking to them about how their relationships should be with their boyfriends. If I’m helping them or relieving them in any way, then that frees up them to serve the teens better.

What brings you the most joy in the day to day goings on at The Fold?
Finding one of the staff to pray with or minister to in some way.

What is a Scripture that has revolutionized the way you serve at The Fold?
Romans chapter eight: Romans chapter eight kind of surrounds and utilizes all of the book of Romans, in identifying who you are in Christ. It shows us freedom, it shows us adoption, it shows us that you are no longer guilty if you’re in Christ. It just brings everything to a culmination who you are in Christ. If that’s what I’m able to present to people at The Fold, that’s what I like doing.

Which biblical figure do you relate to the most?
Paul. Mostly because he’s so very real about struggles in his life, thorn in his flesh, how he deals with all of that, in Romans five, six, and seven. I think a lot of people identify with him quite easily because of that.

What are the five items that you would bring for a year stranded on an island?

  1. Bible
  2. A boat
  3. Bush plane: might as well tour the island
  4. Scuba gear
  5. Everyone I know!

What is a unique or quirky habit that you have?
I like to be direct. One of the Resident Instructors at the Boys Home that I was ministering to told me on several occasions, “You are very direct aren’t you?”