Staff Spotlight: Jackeline Perez, Resident Instructor

Jackeline, The Fold Family Ministries

What brought you to The Fold?
I love working with teens and God opened doors through a website where I posted my resume.

Describe your passion for seeing Jesus restore the lives of teenagers and their families.
It’s a passion of mine because it’s an experience of mine. I have seen Jesus restore my sister’s life and my own family, too. It’s a process, but it’s possible with Jesus. I want to see others experience transformation and restoration. It’s amazing what faith and God can do!

What brings you the most joy in the day to day goings on at The Fold?
The love that is poured out from the staff to the students regardless of the situation.

What is a scripture that has revolutionized the way you serve at The Fold?
Psalm 34. I see more of Jesus each day through my life through this scripture. David sought God and found refuge in Him through all his troubles.

Which biblical figure do you relate to the most?
I would say the biblical figure Ir elated to the most would be Esther, because she stood brave and spoke out. I once thought I didn’t have a voice until God told me, “You do have a voice. Use it, be brave, and you will impact many.”

What are the five items that you would bring for a year stranded on a deserted island?

  1. Bible
  2. Pen & Journal
  3. Picture of my family
  4. Candle
  5. Songbook

What is a quirky or unique habit that you have?
I can’t dance but I always do a head bob and put my hands up in the air.

Jackeline is one of many staff members who has come to The Fold to help teens only to find her own faith and character built upon. For more information about becoming a staff member, click here.

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