The Fold - Weekly Update 1/12

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Praise God! The boy and girls are back home!

After a two week home-visit the boys and girls have returned their joy, love and laughter to the Fold! Let us pray that this next chapter of life at The Fold will be blessed by the continued love and grace of God. Let us now hear some of the updates from the staff who dedicate their lives to loving God and blessing everyone they meet.

“Getting the students back is not always an easy process logistically. On Saturday, one family got a flat tire before reaching the home. We were able to tow them in and get them set up with Triple A. When that was taken care of, drain pipes overflowed in the Girls’ Home in twenty below weather. We also had heating problems for another family at our Retreat Center. Life at the Fold is sometimes chaotic, as in any house hold.  However, when it is met with love, warmth and a friendly cup of coffee that is always available at the Girls’ Home and Boys’ Home, life becomes family.”  – Mike G

“When the girls got back they shared Christmas presents with each other as well as the staff. The time was so sweet! The presents the girls got were so heart felt and purposeful. It felt like a family reunion! It just goes to show that The Fold really is a family. We aim to function as one with God as our Father. This is evident at the Fold and contributes to the intense healing that is going on in the lives of the students and staff.” - Emily

Staff training January 2018

Staff training January 2018

“When we got back from break, Jay taught us, staff members, how our temperaments affect our relationships and response to situations.  It was meaningful to me because, for the first time, I was able to identify some weaknesses without being hard on myself.  I felt like I could see the areas in which I need to grow simply as opportunities for God to grow me.  I’m grateful for God’s gentle approach to teaching his children.  He doesn’t see me or my shortcomings in the negative ways I’m used to.  That’s powerful and relieving!”  - Mike A

"On Thursday we had discussion group. We talked about how God wants to talk with us individually and we had some one on one time with Jesus. We discussed how He wants to have “get to know Me” type conversations, not just hear from us when we have problems or when we feel we are supposed to pray about something. We also discussed different ways He speaks and about not trying to put Him “in a box” in regards to how He speaks or what He says." - Laura

Donation Thank You's

Thank you to Skip Downing for coming to the Girls’ Home to tune the piano!  This was so appreciated by all the girls. Especially because one of the girls is a great pianist. 

Thank you to an anonymous group who pooled their money to purchase a large screen TV for the Girls’ Home! This is used not only for entertainment, but also for teaching.   That group also had some money left over and purchased several new sleds which were shared by both homes.

Another thank you to Newport Baptist Church, which brought several bags of groceries, which were divided between the 2 homes. 

We are grateful to everyone who donates to The Fold. It does not matter if it seems large or small to you, each donation helps to support and love the amazing staff and students that are here. Thank you to all our donors! We love all of you guys!

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