Staff Spotlight | Emily | Girls' R.I.


How did you first find out about The Fold?

My mom and I were job searching and saw an ad for The Fold on At the time, I was in my last semester of college and was looking for a job. It sounded pretty cool. My dream job was to work for Teen Challenge since I was in high school. The Fold sounded similar to Teen Challenge, so I applied. 

 What helped convince you that you were supposed to come serve here?

The interview process is a three-step process. Two phone interviews and then an on-site interview. During the interview process, I could feel the heartbeat of the ministry. It was nothing like a normal interview. Everyone was so genuine and intentional. They really wanted to get to know me for me, not for my accomplishments or credentials. Most of their questions and conversations went back to a relationship with Jesus, which I loved because He is the most important thing in life. 

Is there one thing you’ve learned from staff training that you think others would benefit from hearing?

Ministry is not life. People are not life. Jesus is life. That is a very good realization and distinction to make. It’ll change your perspective, drive, and, ultimately, goals in life. 

What has God been doing in your life since you’ve joined The Fold’s Team?

I’ve grown so much in intimacy in my relationship with Father. I hear His voice, which is super cool for me. I never thought that would be a thing I got to experience. When I ask Father questions, I get a clear answers. There is no doubt in my mind whether it was Him or not; I just know. 

He wooes each of His children differently, so be on the look out for how Jesus wooes you specifically. It’ll change the perspective you have of your relationship with Him and you will feel more loved than ever before. I never realized how loved I feel when I get gifts until Father started giving them to me. His gifts were anywhere from a free coffee to a dress from my favorite store. He loves us so much and is so intentional in wooeing us and making us feel loved beyond measure. 

We serve a good Father who gives good gifts to His children. He does not hold out on us, so we should not be afraid to ask Him any question. No question is too big or too small. 

David Laroche