Weekly Update 1/27

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Friday the kids took a field trip to Meadowstone Farm in Bethlehem, NH. The students really enjoyed the tour, learning what life and work on  a farm are like, and meeting the animals.  They all showed respect and appreciation for the farm staff members who led our tour.  It was a good opportunity to spend time together outside the classroom and for the students to interact with some new people…and animals.  One of our guys said he’d never seen a goat before.  Thank you, Father, for an opportunity to broaden our horizons together! - Mike A

God is continuing to teach me to look to Him for what needs to be done in the day. With being principal and teaching, especially now with more students, I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed. He is telling me though that I am so ready for this challenge, to not think of myself as overwhelmed, and to not shy away from things because I think I don’t have time. He knows what is necessary for every moment! - Laura

Kayle and I had a fun bonding time as we (mostly Kayle) cooked tacos together. - Kathy

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