Staff Spotlight | Scott

I had 3 conversations with staff before I came for my interview that were about an hour each.  The comfort that was present throughout each one helped me to decide to come for my interview.  My interview was interesting for sure.  I came during the summer when they were doing the "Terra Firma" camp at the boys home.  I suffered an injury within the first few days that I thought for sure, based upon my previous ministry interview experiences, had disqualified me.  I spent the rest of my interview week just enjoying being here and stopped worrying about the interview.  Everyone kept treating me the same though which made it hard for me to leave when my time was up.  Fortunately, Mike offered me my job as we were headed to the airport.  My daughter and I had a conversation afterwards about my experience here which finalized my decision.  Her words to me struck a solid chord with my heart when she told me that when God calls you answer.

 God has been moving in mighty ways since coming here even during my interview.  More healing in my heart and spirit has happened here than at any other point in my walk with God.  This place is far different than any other environment I've been in and each day is a blessing to be here.  He has restored my relationship with my daughter as well as worked in other areas of my life to help me to become who Father sees me as.  I am still learning about how blessed and favored I am as one of His children.

Grace is defined as unmerited favor.  We have done nothing to earn it but God, because He loves us so much, has given it to us.  Personally that grace was extended long before I became a believer.  I cannot express though how thankful I am for Father's grace for without it all my sins would be counted.  He no longer sees us as covered in our sins but instead we are as Scripture says in Psalm 51 we are white as snow when we ask Him for forgiveness.  As such we are to live from that place doing all for Father's glory and not our own.  But even in the moments were we stumble Father is still there extending grace when we repent.

David Laroche