Ecstatic About Peas

You may not know this about me but I have a complicated family. Not bad, just complicated. In my immediate family we have autism, sensory disorders, genetic mutations and severe food allergies, just to name a few of our ailments. I’m not complaining. (Although I have in the past) but it does tend to make life challenging.

For a few years, we’ve worked with one of my daughters and her extreme allergies. 21 anaphylactic allergies at the moment. Some are so severe that if someone else eats them and then is around her it can cause a reaction. We’ve been in and out of hospitals and doctors offices more than we’d like to admit, but we are hopeful that God can not only heal her but He can bring good things out of tragic circumstances. Our last trip to Boston Children’s Hospital proved God’s goodness again.

We’ve been praying for healing, and the results in February did show a level of that. She went from 25 times more allergic than the “Very Allergic” rating down to 12 times. So yes, she’s still super, hyper, cautiously allergic to life it seems, but, she’s half as allergic as she was 2 years prior. Praise the Lord! We’re moving in the right direction.

So you can imagine that when she found out she could add a new food into her diet she was excited! We’ve been eating the same handful of foods for years now. Every new thing is significant. When she found out she could eat peas she was very excited. This gave me pause. What kid get’s excited about peas? The one who is grateful for every food they can eat. The one who has nothing gets excited about the something. It is the person who lives in darkness that gets excited about the light. It is the person who lives in fear gets excited about faith.

It struck me, perspective is key. If we’re living in a “keep up with the jones” mentality, or perhaps in today’s terms “keep up with my facebook feed” then we might miss the simple but profound experiences that God is bringing into our lives. I’ve found that the pain makes me aware of my own needs, struggles, thoughts. (Sometimes we really don’t have a good bead on whats going on inside of our own head.) The pain prepares us for the blessing. Are we ready for the blessing? Will we grab hold of it when it comes?

For my daughter, that meant not looking at all the foods she can’t eat or complaining about how her life has to be so modified for survival. She focused not on the pain which we are acutely aware of, but on the blessing that our Heavenly Father offered her. A new vegetable to add to meal times. Man did she eat a lot of peas that night for dinner! It was a blessing!

Today as we go about our day, take note of your pains, but don’t sit there. Also, take note of all the ways Father has been providing for and blessing you. Your perspective can make a big difference on the outcome of your day.

“Father, I admit that my perspective does not always align with yours. I desire to be more like Jesus and to see things as you do. Please help me to see as you see Father. I desire for my life to be a living testimony of your goodness. I desire to live in joy and peace and contentment but Dad, I’m stuck and don’t know how to get there. I may be too comfortable in my ‘status-quo’ to realize that I'm drowning. Please shake the things in my life that need shaking and secure those things that need securing. I thank you and I choose to trust you in this process. You are good and loving and kind, so I choose to trust you with my life.”


David Laroche