Detoxing my Life

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It goes without saying that we live in a busy world with many things distracting our mind at any given moment: personal care, public relationships, political correctness, to-do lists, what needs to get done next, etc. In America specifically where we, as a society, are geared towards capitalism, everyone is trying to sell you something. Now, however, in more crafty ways than ever before. Companies have even figured out that they can give away free products if it gives them an in to sell you a bigger product later.  If they can get into your house, your heart, your mind, then they have you on the hook. They will have influence over your thinking, and therefore your purchasing. We see this in advertising all the time. “The First Month Free” or “Switch to Geico to save you money.”  We see it at work in subtle ways too, like bumper stickers, which passively send a message.

In a way even this blog is attempting to sell you something, although it is not in the  traditional capitalistic way. It is not necessarily for profit. Can you identify what we are trying to “sell”? Certainly it isn’t that every child needs to come to a program like The Fold (although I think a Fold for kids that are doing well and who are hungry for Jesus would be awesome!).  No, quite simply we’re trying to sell the idea that our Heavenly Father really does know best and has a great plan for us. Contrary to all the messages life has sent us.  The Bible, the Word of God, is true and really does answer many of life’s questions. Jesus payed the ultimate price and gave us the ultimate gift, Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit.  Eternity went from bleak to ecstatic and now in this moment we have found purpose and our place in this confusing world.  How cool is that?  Awesome! What does that have to do with detoxing your life? Let me explain.

Do you remember the days when adware and popups were a big issue? Computers were much slower back then and there wasn’t a lot of protection from hostile programs taking over your computer.  Sure, they are still out there today, however it is much easier to prevent intrusion. Back then when you may have visited a site describing how to make that amazing apple pie recipe. Your computer would get infected with some spyware and every site you visited would be trying to promote coupons for some shameless product. What happened? Rogue content entered your computer and became part of its normal processing.  So much so that every page you visited, regardless of whether it was about food or not, became another encounter with food reminders.  It was infected. 

The solution? You needed a piece of software programmed to seek and destroy rogue content. Adware programs that instructed your computer every time you opened internet explorer to open three more windows for pages you did not want to see.  You needed your computer to be disinfected in order for it to run smoothly, and not be constantly interrupted by adware that you don’t want influencing you.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  In our world which is hostile towards God, we too have been infected.  

Thoughts like, “can I eat just one more doughnut?” while annoying, are not the most dangerous.  The dangerous are those that we cannot even see.  Those that we have bought “hook, line, and sinker” and do not even realize it. Every thought ends up having some impact on our emotions and attitude, and ultimately lead to behavior.  That is why Snickers spends millions of dollars to get their motto “Snickers satisfies” into your head. Now when you’re feeling hungry at the gas station and a Snickers is displayed in front of you, you’re so much more likely to buy one. Why? Because, “they really can satisfy you,” or so you think.

We must realize that we all believe lies.  Some are simple, like slogans for us to buy products.  Dangerous in their own right, but not the most dangerous.  Others are much more dangerous. The most dangerous are those that relate to our world view, our personal image, or our image of God.  Those have lasting and global effects on our life.  So what can we do about it?
Ultimately, The Holy Spirit is our teacher and can guide us into all truth.  Better than a software program, He has the ability to not only find lies in our lives but replace them with the truth. Every time this happens we experience more freedom.  Like the person who has always been afraid of spiders wakes up one day and realizes that spiders eat all the bugs that they don’t like in their house, and suddenly the spiders don’t seem so bad! God replaces the lies in our lives with truth and sets us free. One step in detoxing our lives is to invite the Lord to do a work in us.  Give Him permission to reveal the rogue thoughts and begin replacing them with the truth.

Holy Spirit I invite you into this day, my week, and my life, to begin detoxifying my life. I recognize I need you to do the work and I recognize that I’ve both willingly and unknowingly bought into lies. I don’t want to live this way anymore. Please guide me into all truth, renewing my mind, and bringing me freedom.  I want to better know your plan for my life and live from that place.  Amen.


Next week we will continue this discussion, focusing specifically on detoxing our mind.


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