Holly Goodwin


Holly grew up in Alabama and Germany. After witnessing God's work in her older sister's life, she received Christ at age 9.

She received her Bachelor's degree in Family Social Services from Northern Illinois University.

Holly shares that her interest in serving at The Fold stemmed from a desire to encourage students to receive God's love and grace in the midst of emotional pain. Holly's greatest joy in her ministry at The Fold is "seeing God work and communicating His grace in every relationship: staff, student and family."

Holly began serving as our Teaching Principal in 2008, but previously served as a Girls' Home Director at The Fold for over 6 1/2 years as a single woman. Now, Holly is married with two children and lives in West Burke, VT.

In her spare time, Holly enjoys hanging out with her family, playing games, walking and working outdoors. One of her future goals is to become a conference speaker.