Jay Breish Executive Director

Jay Breish


When Jay and his wife first visited The Fold in 2009 they immediately fell in love with its culture of grace and identity in Christ. They had felt a calling to youth and family ministry for years, but this was the first time they had seen those two components together—and, if you ask Jay, the beautiful rural environment of Vermont didn’t hurt either!

“We love watching kids who were loaded down with burdens be freed up and living out their calling,” said Jay. “We love watching parents begin to enjoy parenting again and have healthier marriages. We love seeing staff, often fresh out of college, come and get real hands-on ministry experience and go on to be teacher, pastors and missionaries abroad.” 

When Jay was in 7th grade, his life crashed. He developed a stomach ulcer from stress and the pressures of life. 

“In that moment of crisis (and extreme brokenness) my mom pointed me to Jesus which started me on this amazing journey of fellowship with Him. I've come a long way since then, but here's what I've learned: the closer I get to Jesus, the better I know myself and the more freedom I experience. It is my hope that these same freedoms will be experienced by the students and their families at The Fold."

He attended Philadelphia Biblical University focusing on Bible and youth ministry. In 2017, he completed his Master’s degree in Family Life Education from Oxford Graduate School. He has experience working with numerous ministries, crisis prevention training, advanced training in verbal skills, and has Myers Brigs and Firo-B temperament certification. Jay has what he calls a “lifestyle of scholarship.” He is always reading, watching, researching, and digesting new information.

One of the things he loves most about The Fold’s approach to helping teens and their families is how it is transformative from the inside out. The Fold doesn’t focus on behavior modification. Its focus is on an intimate relationship with our loving Heavenly Father. Only from there is outward change truly possible.

Jay is from east central Pennsylvania. He and his wife moved their three daughters to Vermont to serve at The Fold in 2009. He took over the role of Program Director and after a few years stepped into the role of Executive Director. They are missionaries fully supported by personal donors. Jay’s hobbies include his family, playing guitar, biking and being outdoors, small farm animals, computers and technology.