Marcus Nebar


Growing up in the third largest city in Massachusetts, Marcus was conditioned by the inner-city life and steeped in the Hip-Hop culture, he pursued writing, producing, and Disc Jockeying as his claimed crafts. After years of being heavily involved in the music scene, there was seemingly an insatiable void that neither the streets or his crafts could satisfy.

At the age of 19, Marcus experienced a personal crisis that caused him to come to terms with such emptiness. It was during this season of his life that he had lost the interest in all the things he had grown so fond of. Marcus found himself anxiously pursuing an answer to the pain that he was experiencing. “It became evident that no person, place, or thing had the remedy to my brokenness,” says Marcus, “until the day of April 17, 1996.”

On this day (in despair), going through a phone book, Marcus requested prayer from churches. Finally, he reached a pastor of a local church who led him to his Redeemer.

Since that day, Marcus has been undeniably transformed by Jesus’ enduring love and experienced His call on his life to acquaint the hopeless and brokenhearted to the Lover of his soul, and his value according to God's unrelenting love for him that God did not spare His own Son to reveal.

Nearly four months later, Marcus met his one-of-a-kind best friend (his wife) to whom he has been admiringly married to for 19 years. Together they have three beautifully unique children. Marcus’s family became acquainted with The Fold through their own need for a transformative and holistic ministry. They have been most impacted by what they experienced at The Fold. Such as an incredible sense of belonging to God's love (transformative power) and community.

Today, in his role as Director of Development, Marcus has an intense passion to share his testimony with many who believe in our vision at The Fold and be genuinely compelled to partner with God’s desire to restore broken families to wholeness.