Mission Statement


Our Mission

  • Helping families find hope and healing in Christ

Our Motto

  • Changing Lives
    • Providing a new beginning for emotional healing, education, and personal growth in a safe and caring environment
  • Renewing Hope
    • Offering hope and a future through a personal daily relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Restoring Families
    • Reconciling families and establishing godly relationships and support systems
  • One Son and One Daughter at a Time
    • Because every child is precious

Our Core Values

  • Embracing the Exchanged Life (Grace Life)
    • We believe that the core of lasting behavioral change is a heart change and that the deepest heart changes are found in one’s identity. When a person is “born again,” God exchanges His righteous life for our sinful life. Our response to this grace is to joyfully embrace our new identity, which is now rooted in Christ. Our lives take on a new purpose and hope for successful living in a world of great uncertainty and conflict.
  • Strengthening Marriages and Families
    • God uniquely uses marriage and family relationships to teach us about His love and provision. We honor marriages and families and seek to strengthen and bless these relationships in the lives of the people with whom we work and serve.
  • Building Community
    • The Fold seeks to be a positive influence and a resource to the local community. We seek to build relationships with individuals, churches, and organizations in such ways as to promote the Gospel and meet the needs of the people around us.
  • Mentoring Individuals
    • We believe in loving, sharing, and teaching in the context of meaningful relationships for the purpose of blessing and maturing others. We embrace an attitude that everyone needs a mentor (someone speaking truth into his or her life) and a mentee (someone’s life to speak truth into).
  • Developing Leaders
    • We actively engage in equipping staff, residents, parents, and others to take a viable and vital role in leadership within the greater Christian community.

Our Vision

  • To become a “household name” as a primary resource for teens, families, and communities in the effective application of biblically-based joyful living for the glory of God. Therefore we passionately endeavor to:
    • Share the love of Christ through discipleship, mentoring, and role modeling,
    • Demonstrate God’s grace and compassion for teens, families, and individuals facing crises and brokenness,
    • Strengthen families and the greater Christian community to promote a safe and godly society.